RateItAll Help FAQs

The Basics: Join / Login / Search / Rate

Is RateItAll free to use?

Yes, it's free to use.

Can anybody post a rating?

Only logged in members can post a rating.

How do I find things that I want to rate?

Two popular ways to find things to rate are through our search engine, and by drilling down through our main category index. Logged in members can track what their friends and other people around the RateItAll network are rating via their home page / news feed.

How do I rate something?

Look for the green "Rate It!" buttons located on any list page, or any item page.

How do I join / login / logout?

There are join / login / logout buttons at the top right of every page.

How do I edit my profile?

Click "Home," and then click "Edit Profile" in the upper right hand corner.

How do I edit my user name / email address?

Click "Home," and then click "Edit Account" in the upper right hand corner.

Home Page / My Feed (logged in members only)

*For complete instructions for how to set up your home page / news feed, please see this blog post.*

What does the "Me" tab do on the home page?

The "Me" tab displays all of your recent activity on the site. You can use the down arrow icon to isolate particular types of activity (ratings, reviews, quizzes, etc.)

What does the "Everyone" tab do on the home page?

The "Everyone" tab shows activity from everyone on the RateItAll network. You can use the down arrow icon to isolate particular types of activity (ratings, reviews, quizzes, etc.)

What does the "My Feed" tab do on the home page?

The "My Feed" tab displays site activity based on your preferences, and is typically a combination of activity from your RateItAll friends, and related to topics that you are interested in (e.g. sports, politics).

What does the gear icon do?

The gear icon allows you to set your permanent preferences for your "my feed" view. It allows you to choose the types of things you would like to appear in "my feed" (e.g. ratings, reviews, comments, etc.), and it also allows you to follow keywords (e.g. "sports," "movies," etc.). You can also set whose posts will appear in your "my feed" view (friends, friends of friends, etc.).

What does the down arrow icon do?

The down arrow icon is a temporary filter that allows you to isolate certain types of activity in your feed (e.g. ratings, reviews, quizzes, etc.). The system will not remember the settings you choose with this filter - to set up your permanent settings, you need to use the gear icon.

How do I follow people?

You can follow people by visiting their profile page and clicking the green "follow me" link.

How do I follow keywords?

You can follow keywords by clicking the gear icon, and then typing in keywords that you are interested in (e.g "San Francisco," "movies," etc).

How do I follow topics?

As you browse the site, you will notice heart shape icons that say "fave" on various category pages (e.g. "Internet'). Clicking these icons will subscribe you to activity within that category. You can remove these categories at any time by clicking on the gear icon on your home page.

Adding New Items to RateItAll's Database (logged in members only)

How do I add a new product / website / thing to RateItAll?

Click through to rate anything. If the item does not already exist in our database, the wizard will walk you through the steps required to add it.

Can ANYTHING be added to RateItAll?

Yes, pretty much anything, as long as it does not violate our site rules.

Do new item suggestions get approved immediately or do I have to wait for approval?

New item suggestions are immediately live on the site, and can be accessed by anyone via the assigned URL. However, before items appear on our lists, in our site search results, or on the site's main activity news feeds, they will need to be approved by a RateItAll admin. This usually happens within 48 hours.

How do I add millions of things to RateItAll's database to be rated?

If you have a large database of items that you would like to have rated, your best bet is the RateItAll API.  We can also accept data in a .csv format - contact us for more info.

Local Businesses

How do I add a local business to RateItAll's database?

Click through to add a local business.

The information is incorrect about my local business. What do I do?

"Claim your Business" by clicking the yellow "Claim this Page for Free" link.  Once your claim is approved, you will have editorial control over your business information.  If you get stuck, please contact us and we will update the listing.

The review(s) about my local business are unfair / untrue. What can I do?

If the review violates any of our site rules, please flag it and we'll take a look.

I don't want my business to be listed on RateItAll.  Can I take down the listing?

Unfortunately, no.  If your business information is in the public domain, consumers are entitled to talk about it.


What are these compatibility quizzes?

Compatibility quizzes let you meet and compare yourself with people based on your tastes. If you complete a quiz, we can find the most compatible people to you within that topic, both among your friends and among the entire RateItAll network.

How do I take a quiz?

It's easy. Find a quiz in an area that you're interested in and get started.

Why should I take a quiz?

Quizzes are a fun way to meet new people who share your tastes and see which of your friends you are most compatible to in each area (music, movies, books, etc.).

How do I check my quiz scores?

Once you complete a quiz, we will automatically show you the results.

Can I make my own quiz?

Not yet!

Making, Managing, and Editing Lists (logged in members only)

How do I make a list?

Click "Home," and then in the upper right hand corner, click the yellow "Create a List" button.

What kinds of things can be in a list?

A list can cover virtually anything under the sun, as long as it follows the list Guidelines. Maybe you want to find out what other people think about some of your favorite books. Maybe you need quick feedback about potential solutions to a problem at work. Or maybe you're planning a trip to Mexico and want the RateItAll community's tips on what to see there.

How do I edit my lists?

You will see a prominent "edit" tab on any list that you create. Click this tab to edit your list's description or image.

How do I add items to my lists?

You will see a prominent "edit items" list on any list that you create. Click this tab to add new items.

How do I respond to new item suggestions in my lists?

You can access item suggestions via your message center. Click "approve" or "reject" to process the suggestion. If you do not respond to your suggestions within four days, RateItAll will do it for you.

Can I rate the items in my own lists?

Absolutely! In fact, we encourage it. Rating your own lists is a great way to spark off the discussion.

Can I delete my lists?

You can delete items within your lists, but only if nobody has posted a rating and a review on that item. RateItAll's policy is to NOT allow RateItAll members to delete the reviews and ratings of other RateItAll members.

How can I promote my lists?

The best way to promote your lists is via the RateItAll sharing tools - look for the "share" button on your list, or the plus icon to share your list on your favorite social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Can I make a private list?

Not yet.

How do I embed my list in other sites?

This feature is not yet turned on. Please stay tuned.


We have interactive widgets for every item in our database that let you both post and read reviews from any site.  Click through for more info.

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