What is RateItAll?

RateItAll is the fun and social way to find and share reviews about anything.

And we mean everything!  Local bars and restaurants, products, people, places, music, movies, celebrities, pets, poems, art, games, travel... anything that inspires you.

Check out what people are rating right now.

What can I do on RateItAll?

You can rate anything.

You can build "Top Ten" style lists about anything.  For example, check out this list of US Presidents.

You can take compatibility quizzes in areas such as music and movies and meet people that share your tastes.

You can promote your product, site, brand, self, etc. by adding it to our site to be rated by the RateItAll community. Contact us to add big batches of products to RateItAll.

How is RateItAll different from other review sites?

RateItAll is different from other consumer review sites in four major ways:

  1. 1. Coverage. We cover everything.

  2. 2. Reviewer Terms. We share revenue. Check out this case study our friends at Google wrote about us.

  3. 3. Openness. We expose all of our content via APIs, feeds, and widgets.

  4. 4. Format. We use a newsfeed format that lets you subscribe to topics and reviewers.

Who is RateItAll?

RateItAll is a privately funded start-up based in San Francisco.  Meet our team.

Our investors include Accelerator Ventures, JAIC, Launch Capital, and Eric Di Benedetto.

How Big is RateItAll?

We are pretty big, and growing fast. There are nearly 3M things to rate on the site. In 2009, nearly 15,000,000 people used RateItAll. There are nearly 5M opinions in our database. Why not add yours?

What is DoubleDutch?

DoubleDutch is a location based game for the iPhone and mobile web that was created by the RateItAll team. DoubleDutch incorporates elements of social gaming, location, and reviews to provide a fun, social, and useful tool for keeping track of where your friends are and discovering new hangouts in your town.


Please check out DoubleDutch, a provide of mobile conference apps and mobile CRM.

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