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MissMay20 says:
Okay, this is for everyone out there who thought that the soapbox was a good place to stand for a while. It's time to kick your ass off and get someone else up there. Napster is ingenious and anyone who doesn't think that is completely oblivious to the ever-changing world around us. Technology has made each and every one of our lives so much better (or easier) that it is no wonder why someone created a site that would allow people from all over the world to exchange music w/each other. Though I do agree that it is trapping to musicians and takes away from their sales, but with everything from CD BURNERS(which also takes away from music sales) to instant messengers(which takes away from long-distance calling providers), you'd think there would be a way to work around this delimna. Napster recently started charging people (or they were supposed to) for the music they downloaded. That's not a problem. Many, if not all, wouldn't mind paying for the music they downloaded to support the artist of their choice. Something could be started where amount of downloads was the opperative comparison to most popular artist/song. It's not hard to work around this people. All you have to do is use your head. I understand completely, the copyright laws and everything in between, but since millions of people sign on everyday to download music from their favorite artist, then it would seem obvious to the government and the artist themselves that this is a phenomenon worth dealing with. I will go out and buy a CD from an artist I believe deserves my $20, but for one song that is the only decent song, in my opinion, on the CD, I wouldn't invest $2 for it. It's ridiculous. If you charge so many cents per song, it will well cover the charge of any CD considering the amount of downloads it would get, knowing that that many people who downloaded the particular song, less than half would have gone out to buy the whole CD. Use your heads when thinking in this situation. It is easily solved, and not by law-suits.
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