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24 minutes ago

Just started using the site, and it great for what they claim. Some documents may be a little outdated, but nonetheless they could be useful to some users. I wish they had more of an advance search bar. Some results show thousands and thousands, which I guess couldn't be relevant to my searches. Overall, a great study site that keeps growing!

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an hour ago

Website looks sketchy so i tried ordering a low cost cell phone just in case. Fast shipping and phone was exactly like described. Phone company turned it right on as well. A+ Experience. I've now ordered two phone from them and would recommend to any one.

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1 hour ago

I'll start by saying that I rarely order anything online from anywhere aside from amazon, but in looking for a gift for valentine's day, I just wasn't happy with their teapot selection.

After much teapot research, I settled upon the Beehouse Teapot brand, which seemed to be exactly what I was looking for, but the color choices available through most of the sites selling them were unattractive and highly limited.


Although I found the site itself somewhat difficult to navigate, they offer the widest selection of colors and sizes of Beehouse Teapots, all for very reasonable prices.

This brand that is white-labeled and sold for twice the price through companies like teavana in just 1 or 2 colors. has 20-30 colors of the exact same pot!

Their shipping is fast, and they very friendly to deal with. I got a call to confirm my address, and, after chatting with the lovely woman who helped me, I discovered that one of the pots I ordered might be difficult to use in the microwave because of the metal in-pot infuser. When I received my shipment just 2 days later, she had kindly thrown in a free basket infuser which allows the teapot to be converted into one that works in a microwave.

So nice!

Anyhow, the colors are lovely and the pots are well-made. This site is a perfect place to shop for gifts for any tea-lover.

Final note on the colors...the photos are very true to hue, but the products are a little more saturated than in the photos on the site.

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4 hours ago

Testing 123

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4 hours ago

As some wise guy said, why waste your time watching it on the internet when you can make your own (soft)porn in the sweet surroundings of your bedroom (or whatever sweet surroundings are doing it for you).

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